We are a diverse volunteer base working to improve and help communities in the DC area through socially responsible and sustainable design. You can check out more on our local website here.

DC Chapter History

The DC chapter started in 2005 as one of many chapters around the world. The DC chapter was created in response to the 2004 Tsunami via a meeting open to the local design community. Following, members from Counterpart International approached the group to describe how they were compelled by the group and the ideas that were exchanged. Counterpart presented a project that is located in Vietnam to design a safe school playground for the kids of a nursery school in the Hung Trach Commune region. Two leaders emerged from the group and organized several meetings in a grassroots fashion, ultimate developing design for the school. The project completed construction in January 2006. From that point, the energy of the members drove the Chapter to do more. The Chapter, has grown with the limited resources it had to work with such as time, consistent place of business and funds. The contributions of dedicated members allowed for this to happen.

Founded January of 2005

  • 5 Active Projects
  • 5 Completed Projects

Park Designing


OADC has been approached by the Friends of the Park at Le Droit to provide design alternatives and recommendations for the scheduled remediation of an existing neighborhood park. The project scope includes:


  • Site visit and meeting with representatives from the Friends of the Park.
  • Assessment of District plans for soil remediation, including research on cost.
  • Development of design alternatives based upon available budget for remediation.
  • October 2017

Lefiso Community Center

The need for a community building was identified as a top priority by the community in Lefiso, South Africa during a needs assessment conducted by Britt Molde, the Peace Corps Volunteer working at Lefiso Child Care Support. Lefiso Child Care Support, a drop in center for orphans and vulnerable children, has offered its land as a space to build the center. This space is centrally located among the 3 villages, is easily accessible from the tar road, and is already fenced for security. The organization would then be

housed within the facility and would include a kitchen and play area.

  • Project Started September 2009
  • 6 Project Members

Jitegemee & A Place to Go

Jitegemee is a non-profit organization based in Kenya and Boston, MA that provides tutoring, tuition, health education, vocational training, job placement, and meal programs to disadvantaged children in Machakos, Kenya. In 2009, our team from traveled to Machakos Kenya to host a design workshop with Jitegemee students, parents, and community members in an effort to help them design their new campus.This system will reduce waste,

eliminate the need for costly and dirty charcoal and provide a sustainable source of fuel for the school’s growing meal program. Toilet waste is collected in a sealed underground chamber where it is introduced to microbes that break down harmful pathogens and produce methane gas, a clean source of fuel which will be used to power cooking appliances in school’s new kitchen. Any remaining solid waste can be used as compost in the adjacent garden.

  • Started June 2009
  • Estimated Completion: December 2016
  • 10 Project Members

Play Space for Children

The DC chapter's first project! A nursery school playground located in Vietnam. Small budget but we still were able to develop solutions to create a safe play environment for the kids. Design services for a nursery school playground located in Hung Trach Commune. The project was developed to work with a small budget and develop solutions to create a safer play environment by referring US stringent safety code measures.

  • Project Started March 2005
  • Completed January 2006
  • 5 Project Member

Mini Box

<a href=”http://www.boxcollective.org/” >Box Collective</a> is a fresh initiative that aims to activate vacant lots in metropolitan areas via portable or semi-permanent structures that promotes community engagement and activities. The project team is close to finishing the portable prototype. We are looking forward to launching the prototype onto the streets of the DC/Baltimore area.

  • Project Started March 2013
  • Estimated Completion: December 2016
  • 10 Project Members

Redesigning Teacher space

The project engagement started in October 2014, when our Chapter started working with the teachers of the Goding School located in NE DC to design and renovate three of their teacher spaces to be aligned with their Reggio Emilia approach. This approach is an innovative and inspiring method of early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. The organization of the physical environment is crucial to Reggio Emilia and has 

been referred to as the child’s “Third Teacher.” Our Team successfully completed the project on May 30th 2015. We all love our new spaces and have been using them daily! Stay tuned for other projects we might need your help on! Best,

  • Started October 2014
  • 6 Project Members