"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead). Bem-vindos à Open Architecture Collaborative Portugal.

Mission and Vision

The Portuguese chapter was born under the mission of creating sustainable and affordable solutions for: Underserved Communities, Nonprofit Organizations and Families in Need. Our headquarters is in Lisbon, but we operate all over the country. Using the power of Architectural Design, Planning and Construction, we involve communities, municipalities, professionals, volunteers and local partners. Our Vision is to encompass in this Movement all professionals who make the difference next to those in need, contributing to a world socially inclusive, economically and ecologically sustainable, creating awareness and effective low-cost solutions locally and globally.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world!” -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Founded in 2011
  • 3 Local Directors
  • 952 (and counting) Volunteers

Green Meeting Space

Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Lisboa (Cerebral Paralysis Association of Lisbon), a.k.a. APCL, is a non for profit association that helps 450 patients and their families. The preliminary project for an outdoors meeting space was started in 2013 by a group of volunteers from AFH Portugal (current OAC Portugal), who donated their time and expertise to this cause. For several reasons the project had to be kept on stand-by, but is now beeing completed and we expect to move to the construction phase in 2017. We need your support to make this project a reality. Join us.

“Strong men stand up and take care of themselves. Stronger men stand up and take care of others.” -Unknown

  • Ongoing
  • 450 Beneficiaries

I Open Architecture - Junta-te ao Movimento

Estamos em Portugal em busca de profissionais que recorrem à Arquitectura de forma aberta e colaborativa. Queremos expôr o trabalho de quem faz a diferença, tantas vezes de forma anónima. Esta semana publicamos a “Reabilitação participada das roças de São Tomé e Príncipe”, pela mão da colega Marta Vicente, a quem desde já agradecemos por fazer parte desta causa (o trabalho pode ser consultado na nossa página de FB). Para quem ainda não nos contactou, estamos à tua espera, este espaço é teu. Bem-vindo/a à Open Architecture Collaborative Portugal. Até já!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

  • Ongoing

Multigenerational & Multi-Ethnic Meeting Space

The intervention is located in a low income neighborhood of Graça (Lisbon), on the interior of a city block surrounded by two very busy streets, two public accesses, a little farm and a nursery school.

The place looks a little like a post war ruin, and it’s unsecure. The choice of the intervention site was motivated by the nature of the space, the challenge it presented, and by the number of residents that will see their quality of lives improved by the possibility of having a more protected public space to gather with their families and neighbors. We need your support to make this project a reality. Join the discussion.

“Design Like You Give A Damn” -Cameron Sinclair

Planting Tree Event

Invitation: 1 Coffee + 1 Tree: This Sunday, February 4th, at 11 p. M the visit will be to the covered of needs. . Meeting point: Largo da needs viewpoint. Bring friends, family, and feel free to take also snack so you can enjoy the garden better, which is huge. . For doubts about this initiative please contact 965479480. Responsible: Landscaper Vera Ramos.

Workshop Event

An opportunity not to be lost to those interested and scholars in land constructions: Registrations are open for the architecture and construction workshop with land in Southern Morocco, organized by The Association Association. The workshop will take place between 2 and 12 October 2017 at the oasis of mhamid, Morocco. The restoration of an asset element through traditional techniques under the tutelage of local construction masters will be carried out. It will continue with the study and documentation of the material and intangible heritage of the oasis oasis. Registration via email: Info@Terrachidia.Es More info: www.terrachidia.es


To all volunteers for this country and world out, this and other causes, today is our day!! Volunteer day 🙂 To those who give a bit of themselves for a better world, and in particular to all who support us on this mission, thank you very much. Because the union really does force, it's a big hug. See you soon. - Dec. 2014