NOLA rehab subcode

The New Orleans chapter collaborated with the New Orleans Downtown Development District in investigating the viability of implementing a localized subcode to revitalize underutilized buildings in the city's core, left uninhabitable by changing building codes. A small group of designers took a series of existing historic buildings as a prototype, and attempted to design several schemes to make them safe and legal, under the proposed new subcodes, in order to help many areas of the city legally return to use after Hurricane Katrina

  • Completed March 3, 2013
  • 500,000 sq ft Underutilized

Growing the Greenway Garden Charrette

Open Architecture New Orleans helped the Growing the Greenway with their design charrette for the proposed urban gardens on the new Lafitte Greenway. - April 2016

Social Event

Our New Orleans Chapter also offers events where you can come by and chat with us while having a drink. Come join us and interact with our members as well as volunteer in any of our upcoming events or projects. Check out our Facebook Page for the latest meeting dates and locations.

Common Ground's 10 year Anniversary Celebration

The New Orleans Chapter designed an outdoor classroom for Common Ground’s 9th Ward Nursery, where they teach volunteers about the plants grown on-site to be re-planted for wetland restoration.

We worked with a local non-profit to design an outdoor classroom for Common’ Ground’s plant nursery for wetland restoration, in the lower 9th ward.

  • Project Completed February 2014
  • 550 sq ft of Teaching Space

NOLA Seed House

The New Orleans Chapter designed a prototype storm shelter for post-disaster recovery and future latent preparedness.

We designed a prototype hardened storm shelter to be quickly erected, then lived in while being incorporated into new construction.

  • Completed January 13, 2015
  • 96 sq ft