Open Architecture Los Angeles (OACLA) activates local creative professionals to deliver design and develop solutions that help solve real issues within our city. For updates and opportunities please check out our local website here.

We partner with local non-profit organizations, schools, municipalities, and community groups to first listen to the needs of our city then apply design as a solution to issues through the use of our creative volunteers. We strive to create innovative, sustainable, and affordable solutions for the humanitarian issues that span across Southern California.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” -Theodore Roosevelt

  • Founded in 2010
  • 800+ Volunteer Network
  • 18,000,000 In Population

Featured Project:

Avalon Carver Community Center in South LA has approached OACLA to collaborate on improving their space so that they can reach more people in their community, specifically children and families. They currently provide mobile STEM labs for 2,500 kids, afterschool programs, and space for many other organizations. Additionally they would like to add a charter middle school and housing. OACLA is currently conducting a feasibliity study and master plan to help Avalon Carver achieve their vision.

Services provided: site analysis, programming, feasibility study, conceptual plans

  • Founded in 1940
  • 40,000 sq ft Building Area
  • 100,000’s of People Served

Past Project

After an earthquake devestated the town of Lamas, Peru in 2005, the city was without resources for the community. Partnering with the LA based non-profit LALESA, Inc, the LA chapter embarked on a mission to help rebuild by providing a design for a flexible facility for educational programs, cultural events, and display for their growing tourism industry to allow for community growth.

Services provided: Design Development, Interior Design, Cost Estimating

  • 639 sq. meters
  • 15 Volunteers
  • 17,000¬†Population of Lamas that would benefit from this project

Helping the Homeless

We have recently completed a design competition with Los Angeles County Arts Commission to reimagine ADU's to help solve the homeless crisis. Let us know if you'd like to get involved in an ongoing effort.

Plan for Change

Our projects - ask us how you can help! As you can see we have a lot of projects planned for the future. Come and volunteer with us. We also ask for your donation in helping to grow our network of designers, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs in advocating for design solutions for marginalized communities and greater community good.