Social Design For Social Justice

The Open Architecture Collaborative is a global learning network mobilizing architects and designers with technical skills to build capacity with communities experiencing systemic marginalization.

“Our partnership with Open Architecture Chicago is helping to bring voice and shape to our aspirations for a healthy, livable vibrant community for generations to come.”

Cheryl Johnson,  Executive Director of People for Community Recovery – Chicago, IL

Our programs bring people from different backgrounds together to co-create a new narrative of power in our contemporary environment through accomplishing small projects.

There are fast disasters and slow disasters. We work on the slow ones.

Disasters like:

  • The housing affordability crisis,
  • Homelessness,  
  • Unjust public transit systems,
  • Lack of access to public spaces,
  • Displacement and gentrification,
  • And access to healthy food.

There are no obvious fixes. And if we’re not careful we can become part of the problem. But if we work together for a more just cities and rural areas, we can be part of the solution.

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