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We are a community of socially-minded designers, architects, planners, creators, and innovators who strive to create equitable and mutually beneficial relationships between communities’ quality of life and their built environment.

Our Vision

A future in which people co-lead creating resilient, equitable, and livable communities for their collective well-being.

Our Mission

We incubate collective change-making ideas through an inclusive community-engaged process.

Our Journey


We take notice of the inequity within the spaces of our communities. We approach each project with the awareness of the roots of individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural inequities. We aspire to create liberation through the processes, relationships, solutions, and outcomes of our work.
We don’t have all the answers, so we listen to different voices, and learn from different individual experiences. We apply myriad forms, visions, and approaches to create the greatest extent of engagement and shared value.
We believe that every person has a desire to make a difference and based on their own experiences, can bring unique and brilliant contributions to a decision process. We center voices of those who are directly impacted by our projects as they are experts of their needs and desires.
We recognize that as recipients of privilege, we are capable of perpetuating inequalities from which our privilege came from. However, we resist the urge to “save” or “empower” people. Our co-creation process should foster collective growth through building lifelong relationships based on trust, consistency, integrity, and accountability.

We strive for excellence and high quality in the work that we do. 


We push ourselves beyond conventional thinking. We imagine more equitable and sustainable alternatives to conventional processes. 


At OACC we work with our project stakeholders and partners to create inclusive asset-based solutions for community resiliency and sustainability. We provide our services via incubating innovative initiatives, partnership with mission-driven organizations and allyship building with community grassroots. Grounded on our experiences, we constantly create purposeful learning content about design for social impact. 

Impact is at the center of our projects and our processes  

We put long-term thinking into the projects to ensure that our collective process is creating the maximum shared value towards the resiliency, equity and sustainability of the local context.

We are transferring into a mission-centric social enterprise  

We believe that we can create long-term impacts if we can maintain self-sustained. We are set to create hybrid values to self-fund our impact-centered projects and scale our impacts in a sustainable way.

We build a community of change agents 

We don’t tag our team members as planners, architects or designers. Though diverse in practice backgrounds and personal characteristics, our team shares the vision for collective and inclusive practice. This community serves as the backbone of our organization in creating and executing projects that could create long-term values for communities.

We build allyship

We acknowledge that people are the experts of their own needs and assets and solution finding should be led by those closest to the problem. We pair our design and technical experts with experts with living experience (i.e. context experts) in the co-creation processes. We redefine our roles as convener, listener, observer, and facilitator.

Our work is open and collaborative

We base all activities on multi-stakeholder engagement. We look at every project as a process that provides room for diverse perspectives to engage and innovations to flourish.  

Our work is grounded on an asset-based humanistic-centered approach

We believe that any sustainable solution is grounded on local assets. These assets, when productively and inclusively shared, are abundant and do not run out. Adopting the asset lens, our co-creation model evolved from human-centered into a humanistic-centered approach through which stakeholders co-define desired future and build off of their local capitals.

Our process is inclusive and reflective

We ensure that the co-creation process is reflective, democratized and liberating. By engaging diverse stakeholders in equity pauses and reflections throughout, we provide a space in which design practitioners and community stakeholders can reflect on their relationship to the social issue they hope to address within a larger ecosystem of identity, culture, place, and power structure. We use empathy to invite connection instead of conflict among diverse stakeholders around the table.

Contextualization is at the core of our solution-finding approach  

We look at every project through the socio-economic, cultural, historical, physical, and environmental contexts within which it will shape. We leverage assets and capitals that exist in this multi-dimensional local ecosystem into the co-creation processes and outcomes.