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Behind our actions is a team of co-creators.

Director of Strategic Partnership

Afsaneh is a registered architect and strategic partnership director at Open Architecture Collaborative Canada. She has been formally trained as an architect, urban designer and sustainable environmental designer in Canada, UK & Iran.

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Afsaneh specializes in community, academic and recreation buildings and worked on a variety of small and large scale projects for almost two decades. She believes that architecture is not just about design excellence but about its impact on public life and community wellbeing. She strives to maximize stakeholder engagement in the process of design and planning with the aim to co-define, co-create and co-design the projects WITH the people who use the space. She is seeking to integrate an inclusive lens into a multi-stakeholder engagement which calls for bottom-up and top-down changes that she believes can be framed as a middle ground setting. As a co-leader at OACC Afsaneh wants to be a change agent in shaping resilient and equitable communities.

Marveh Farhoodi

Program Director

Marveh is a co-creation consultant in projects that aim sustainable development of local communities. Started her career as an architectural designer back home, she grew to be a project manager and co-founded her design studio.

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With a life-long passion for ecosystem equity, Marveh has focused on projects that can create equitable and mutually beneficial relationship between people’s quality of life, their built and natural environments. She is co-leading OACC’s transforming into an impact-focused organization striving for equitable and resilient communities. With OACC, Marveh seeks avenues to utilize liberating structures, asset-based lens, and stakeholder engagement to create maximum shared values for communities through an inclusive process. Marveh doesn’t tag herself as a ‘design expert’, rather a listener, strategist, and scenario builder.

Research and Development Director

Negar is an architectural and urban designer, and as an urbanist, she is passionate about exploring the dynamics of complex urban systems and the connections between societies and their built-environment. 

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Having studied and worked as a designer in Canada, Germany, and Iran, Negar sees a strong connection between social, economic, and environmental injustices and the way our built environments are being realized. As the research and development director at OACC, she strives to promote design for social impact and bring systemic change by developing new avenues for inclusive and context-sensitive community-engaged processes in creating equitable and resilient cities.

Executive Director

Shanna-Kay is an Interior Designer and a Project Manager; she aspired to be a humanitarian designer where her projects focus on the human experience in the built and design environment. She has been a co-creator of several projects located in…

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The Gambia, Somalia, and Toronto that focus on social and economically sustainable development. Shanna-Kay’s passion for others had led her to become the Executive Director for Open Architecture Collaborative Canada, managing the day-to-day operations of the chapter. Her goal for OACC is to establish a design hub for liked-mind individuals with the passion to make a difference, to become a changemaker, and foster leaders to advocate for cohesive and holistic design solutions in their communities. Shanna-Kay is passionate about socially responsible designs that enhance the lives of others and strive to bridge her profession with OACC to create inclusive design processes that create resilient and sustainable communities.

Volunteer Member

Anupa has completed her Bachelors of Architecture from India, as well as her Masters of Urban Design from the U.S. She has been working in the field of architecture for about 4.5 years, having work experience in India, the U.S., and Canada.

In her free time, Anupa sketches, paints, and does photography. Traveling to new places and exploring them brings her sheer joy.

Project Lead

Lisimar is an OACC Project Lead with a background in architecture and landscape architecture. Her experience and interest in the design of public spaces, consultation and engagement processes drive her desire to…

lead different projects within the organization. Lisimar is part of OACC since AFH was restructured and she has been part of the leaders’ team in projects like ‘Expropriate 214-230 Sherbourne’ and ‘Park People Public Space Incubator’. Lisimar has also a keen interest in graphic and web design and she has been using her skills to develop and lead the design of the new OACC website.

Noel Kristen Cochon

Web Designer

Noel is a Civil Engineering graduate from McMaster University, currently pursuing a Masters in Building Science at Ryerson. She is excited to get involved in the sustainable development industry and is helping create OACC’s new website.

Outreach and Marketing, Blog Lead

Priyasha is an architectural designer and researcher from India, currently residing in Toronto, Canada. She completed her bachelors in Environmental Design from OCAD University, in Toronto…

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where she garnered interest in the functionality of various components within the built environment. She is currently working as the Outreach and Marketing Lead at OACC where she strives to approach like minded communities and enhance impactful engagement through them. She is passionate about researching on various systemiccomplexes embedded in the urban society and how architecture and design can collaboratively resolve them. As the blog editor and content contributor, she attempts to shed light on those complexes, with the intent of creating a narrative about the socio-economic and political dynamism of the processes that take place through architecture and design.

Project Lead 

Ruchi has a broad-range of skills owing to her diverse work, academic, and practical experiences. She applies a holistic and versatile approach to developing community engagement strategies for projects at OACC. 

She has experience living and working in four countries as well as in the private and in the public sectors. Ruchi has a passion for integrating innovative techniques for the planning and development of communities around the world towards a sustainable future. 

Graphic Designer

Shiva is a Toronto-based Designer, currently studying to complete her Undergraduate Degree at Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design. She explores her passions and interest in Graphic Design as a Graphic Designer on the OACC team, and through…

…freelancing during her spare time. She has been using her expertise in visual communication to develop the new OACC brand identity, and has been working alongside other team members to create the new OACC website. Shiva is constantly looking for ways to get involved within the design community to create sustainable, long-lasting, and meaningful solutions that improve the overall experience with visual and built environments.

Trish Joong


Trish has been a passionate artist + creator for as long as she can remember. From a very young age, with somewhat scarce art supplies in the house, she began to experiment with making what she wanted with what was available, developing her resourcefulness…

…into a creative skill. She now continues to make sense of the world through art and craft as a practicing architect and designer using the same creative process, ‘do-it-yourself’ spirit and dedication to environmental consciousness.

And our team is growing with recently joined co-creators!


As a designer, I enjoy writing about the design concept as a story rather than sketching it.


There are three things I can’t live without: dark chocolate, baguettes and Adobe Suite.


As a proud Chinese Canadian, I have travelled to over ten different cities in China! I love engaging in different cultures and learning about their history and values.


I am learning to grow food in our big city!


I once fractured my collarbone doing a shoulder roll!


I am double jointed in my thumbs.

We are grateful to have worked with many volunteers through the years...