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If you’re thinking of rolling up your sleeves and digging deep into the land of equitable communities through design and planning, or you are passionate to engage your community members in shaping your community’s spaces, then this section is for you!

Become a Learning Explorer or Learning Guide.

Our community-engaged design lab is the place for collaboration and partnership. Are you interested in co-initiating or collaborating in a project focused on equitable, resilient and sustainable communities and cities? 

Then join us in this lab.

Here is the place to develop your idea!

Do you need first-hand and inclusive data from the community with who you design with? Are you looking for effective ways to connect to different community groups and build trust?

Are you looking for a process in design and planning, informed by community inquiries? Are you interested in evaluating your projects’ impact on the community? We are your partner in this.

Build Capacity

Ask us to tailor a training journey that meets your needs!

Leadership for Community Change​

How can we build our communities around places?

Community groups can proactively initiate programs, experiences, and interventions to utilize their public realms for equitably shared value, once they have built-in a collective leadership for change.

We offer in-person and remote workshops to community groups and nonprofits that work at local community level. These sessions aim to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share and to support them to re-envision their neighbourhoods for their communities’ long term sustainability and resiliency.

Community-Focused Lens in Practice

How can you incorporate an impact centric vision into your design or planning practice?

Well, impact centric vision in design or planning needs a process that focuses on consciously creating and monitoring impact. It starts with a learning journey prior to other steps.

We offer in-person and remote training sessions for individuals and groups of practitioners in the built environment who are passionate about creating equitable and resilient communities. We help them in adopting the impact-centric vision, and mastering community focused practice through:

→    in-person and remote workshops,
→    charettes and bootcamps,
→    creative breakout sessions, and
→    student competitions.

Virtual Academy

Become a Learning Explorer or a Learning Guide.

Training & accreditation in impact-centered design for the built environment​

The Virtual Academy is a learning and sharing platform for ‘Design for Social Impact’ in the built environment. It is designed for emerging and experienced practitioners to share and cultivate valuable skills in shaping equitable, resilient and sustainable cities and communities.​


What we do in this lab is a mix of co-creation and co-learning…

Each project is carefully analyzed into practical insights and informs our future projects. We build partnerships with diverse groups and individuals including community grassroots, community-focused organizations, design and planning firms, design and planning schools, municipalities, and other mission-related businesses and experts.

Asset-Based Placemaking

If you are passionate about creating positive changes in our neighbourhoods in GTA, to make them places in which everyone can equitably live, enjoy and thrive, we can support to bring communities’ built assets into the action!

Community’s public spaces, historical and cultural buildings, and any other places that people commonly use or are willing to share for the community’s benefit, can play a pivotal role in our community’s long-term quality of life. We design a process through which the community members are a key partner from the get-go, together we map out specific steps and co-identify the built assets. Along this process we co-create diverse outcomes in which the community's social, cultural, human, financial, environmental, political and built assets will create greater shared values that ensure community’s equitable well-being.

Research and Development

We do research projects on models of impact-centered design, planning and placemaking, through collaboration and partnership . Design thinking, liberating structures, and multi-stakeholder engagement are our base methodologies and tools. We also place impact measurement, piloting and feedback loops at the core of each social R&D project. Taking this approach, we create long-term values for community-level stakeholders, as well as added values for our strategic partners.


We also play a missing middle!

Process, Project, Programming

We work closely with our partner from the early phases of defining a community-level project and advise a process to incorporate the multi-stakeholder approach with the community at centre responding to project time-line, resources, and local context. Through this participatory process, we co-define the project and programming.

Community-Engaged Co-Creation Sessions

We design, run, facilitate community-engaged sessions for our project partners in a way to ensure that an inclusive process is realized and maximum shared value is created.

Funds and Grants

We prepare RFPs and reports for your funders and sponsors. We can bring the funds and grants for your community-centred projects through partnership.

Post Evaluation Studies

We post-evaluate community-level design and planning projects, taking equity and impact lens. We monitor, measure, and report how equitable and inclusive the process and the outcome are, what shared values created for the community’s well being, and the level of community satisfaction.


We can support you to incubate your idea and turn it into an impactful initiative.

We are looking for innovative groups who are passionate about creating equitable and long term solutions for community’s well-being and resiliency.

In OACC, we can support you to incubate your idea and turn it into an impactful initiative that creates equitable shared values. We are focused on issues as diverse as our communities; whether it is urban poverty, food security, accessibility, gender-based issues, social exclusion, crisis management and urban resilience, the two things our social innovators have in common are the intention to create equitable shared values and to incorporate the built environment assets into the solution.

What We Do Not Do

Disclaimer: Open Architecture Collaborative Canada engages in research, education and programming around the equity of the built environment, resiliency and sustainability of communities in Canada. We do not provide professional architectural services. If you need the services of a licensed architect, we can connect you to the expertise which fits your project the most.