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We are building a community of change agents and we want to know how we can have you among us!

Join us as a team member and enjoy working for your passion. You’ll get access to our community’s learning by participating in experiences and meet-up events, among other goodies.

Let us support you in creating impact-centered projects in which communities are at the center.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive your impact bites. You will also receive occasional announcements about our events, new resources, and opportunities.

Support us realize our mission by being a part of our projects as a sponsor or funding us with your donations. The funds will allow us to expand our impacts by defining more projects, engaging more people, or expanding the scope of our programs.


Are you a student who wants to build up your career around design for social impact?

Are you looking to obtain hands-on experience in community-focused projects and contribute in creating something good?

Are you an architectural or urban designer, a graphic designer, illustrator, or art savvy who is looking to shift from being a design expert into a citizen expert or want to create impact with your creative ideas?

Do you want to share your stories and bring your perspective into projects to build equitable built environments?

Are you a socially-minded individual with passion to create positive long-term impacts for community resiliency and ready to give back with your knowledge, skills, or generosity?

Or, do you just want to invite us for a cup of coffee and a conversation around design for social impact?

We want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note here!


“OAC bridges community engagement (*) and humanitarianism together, creating a unique experience to collaborate with creative types and work on important community projects. My involvement with this team offered me the unique opportunity to work on a very meaningful international project and..."

“… exposed me to new community-based (*) approaches through discussion with the multi-disciplinary team. I am so glad to have been part of this positive organization.”

– Andrew Taylor, Volunteer

  * “design” is replaced with “community engagement” and “community-based” to comply with the OAA


Have an innovative project idea and looking for a motivated team to initiate?

Need consultancy support to make up your project inclusive and collaborative?

Thinking about partnering with us for your socially-responsible community-focused project?

Or, do you just want to invite us for a cup of coffee and a conversation around design for social impact? 

We want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note here!


“In 2019, OCAP worked with members of the OACC to create a community-driven speculative (*) proposal for building publicly owned social housing at 214-230 Sherbourne Street in Toronto. The proposal garnered substantial support in the neighbourhood and received significant media coverage..."

“… It was part of our ongoing campaign to get the City to expropriate the seven properties that have sat vacant for over a decade, even as a deadly crisis of homelessness rages on. The OACC members we worked with were very knowledgeable, hard-working and committed to using their skills and experience in a way that benefits poor and working class people.”

– Yogi Acharya, on behalf of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

 * “proposal” is replaced with “speculative proposal” to comply with the OAA

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