Welcome to Open Architecture Cairo! Where you see poverty and pollution, We see potential fruitful communities craving any opportunity

We are a group of different people who work on bringing life to “ forgotten spaces” in the self-built communities like; Istabl Antar.

We gather and share experiences and ideas openly, with another way to see the underprivileged areas’ potentials, working on what we can do to change and transform these forgotten spaces into innovative and functional spaces that meet the community needs.

We will not only be concerned with the space but also the residents of the community, Empower all the community members by public hearing to understand everyone’s needs from children, women and men, then come up with the possible scenarios.


Are you looking for something to positively invest your time in? Do you want to help the poor people of Cairo with doing a sustainable based project instead of merely donating? Do you want to learn more about community empowerment? FINALLY we are recruiting in our Cairo-based chapter. Briefly, 2017 goal is reviving a forgotten space in the area of Istabul Antar by transforming it to a public space that includes a community center + mosque + kids area.

Forgotten Spaces

Forgotten Spaces is a participatory design and construct project aiming to seek out redundant and neglected spaces across Cairo. It started in October 2015.

  • Ongoing
  • 960 Collective Volunteer Hours
  • 2000 Beneficiaries