Hi, We are local design & built environment volunteers working together with communities in need, while drawing resources from the global network towards a functional and better society.

Kids Skating

Open Architecture Nigeria (OAN) initiated an annual event called the Kids Skating Series in 2015 for one day of collective action to engage young children of diverse background and status in Abuja. We called these events outdoor skating cocktails. While the main goal is to drive home the importance of play spaces by putting children literally on center stage it also seeks to advocate for the power of public spaces as a unique tool for effective community engagement and a culture of ownership.

The Team

Taye, Mangga, Zirakuthii, Emeka (PH), Muna, Ada, Onoba, Laraba, Haku-Baba, Rasaq, Patricia, John, Ade-Anu (Lag) and more ...... all pleased to meet you :))

Art Attack

Partnership with HolyHill Foundation to deploy volunteer teachers, conduct quick approach art lessons and exhibition at a neigbhood primary school; Maitama Model Junior School.

Building sustainable partnership for the community.

And we had a guest; Mr Amrrit Flora, a Proffessor of Architecture of Middlesex University, UK   – 2015


Volleyball Court renovated by the Abuja team and volunteers for the Maitama Model (Junior) School, commissioned by our guest; Amrrit Flora.

“Seing the smiles on the faces of these kids, i’m excited to be a part of this event and look forward to future collaboration”

Volunteer Teachers

Giving back to the society

180 – Committed weekly hours of volunteer teaching