Forgotten Spaces – Cairo Egypt 

Project Goal: Empower residents of Istabl Antar, Cairo to take control of the public space around them.

Client: Residents of Istabl Antar 

Services Delivered: Community Engagement, design facilitation, schematic design, implantation coordination, assessment


Forgotten Spaces is a participatory design and construct project aiming to seek out redundant and neglected spaces across Istabl Antar which is a self-built community in Cairo.

The aim of this project is to demonstrate how forgotten spaces can be utilized in cost effective ways to act as catalysts for social, economic & environmental regeneration. Under the guidance of Hebatullah Hendaway, chapter and regional leader, members of the community, both young and old engaged in small pilot projects to gauge the impact and discover what demographics were likely to engage in different types of work.

The team is now analyzing the impact of these small projects, mostly panted areas, and using the results to drive the second phase of the project.