Child Friendly City – Abuja Nigeria

Project Goal: Develop programming for children to utilize and define public space.

Client: Children of Abuja

Partners: Mixed Events, Kids at Play, WE, Project Pink Blue

Services Delivered: Program Creation, Event Coordination

Visibly recognized as one of the biggest challenges of urbanism is consummation of open public spaces. The continual neglect and growth of deferred maintenance leads to the decay of public spaces, with playgrounds suffering the most. PLAY is a tool to restore city fabrics. In Abuja we involve both the young and old in a public space renewal process that feature skating as a means to build confidence, ownership of public spaces, and of course inspire fun.

Open Architecture Nigeria (OAN) initiated an annual event called the Kids Skating Series in 2015 for one day of collective action to engage young children of diverse background and status in Abuja. We called these events outdoor skating cocktails. While the main goal is to drive home the importance of play spaces by putting children literally on center stage it also seeks to advocate for the power of public spaces as a unique tool for effective community engagement and a culture of ownership.